The patented chemistry, known under the brand name LoVOC®, was originally developed by the British Ministry of Defence to make chemical warfare suits. Since its founding, Sublino has been developing and re-formulating the technology to create a product range suitable for industrial application within the textile market.

LoVOC® Technology

The R&D facilities at Sublino have been focusing on the two original applications for the LoVOC® technology;

Improve the dyeability of textiles

Textile to elastomer bonding agents

A range of LoVOC® products are now available which can satisfy both of these markets.

LoVOC® Schematic

The LoVOC® technology only requires basic textile treatment machinery. LoVOC® textile pre-treatments are ideally applied through an immersion (dipping) type process although other processes are also feasible. After the textiles have been dipped, the excess should be removed with a padder before being thermally dried and/or cured. This can be completed with traditional convection ovens or more sophisticated IR machines. Each formulation requires different processing parameters for optimal results, the details of which can be found on the specific TDSs.

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