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Sublino Ltd is a speciality chemical manufacturer who are pioneering the future of rubber-to-textile adhesives. Our fully patented, new to the market, chemical technology is known under the brand name LoVOC®. Sublino has been developing general purpose textile primers which can be used to replace the industry standard RFL bonding systems.

Sublino's mission statement

  • MARKET LEADER: To be a leading supplier of adhesives to reinforced rubber industries

  • GOING GREEN: To improve the safety and environmental performance  of our customers by providing inherently safer and environmentally friendly chemistry whilst maintaining the highest levels of performance


The LoVOC® technology uses a novel polymer structure with interchangeable functionality and the same polymerisable groups designed to be applied to substrates to increase their surface energy and add functionality. The products are available as aqueous or solvent solutions and can be cured thermally or with UV/Microwave radiation.

The main application for the LoVOC® technology is in the bonding of textiles to elastomers and has been designed as a replacement for the industry standard Resorcinol-Formaldehyde-Latex (RFL) bonding systems. Once a textile has been pre-treated with LoVOC®, an elastomer can be vulcanised directly to the textile surface. The bond is formed during the elastomer vulcanisation and can outperform RFL bonding systems.