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The worlds environmental awareness is increasing with many companies looking for greener alternatives to current processes. The LoVOC® technology is available as aqueous solutions with practically zero volatile components to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. This offers a number of advantages including a reduction in fire hazards by reducing solvent handling, a reduction in environmental hazards by reducing the amount of solvents pumped into the atmosphere and financial savings by reducing the need for expensive solvent recovery systems.

Aqueous Technology

The new to market, patented chemistry being employed in LoVOC® products are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. This is a great reduction in the health hazards employees are exposed to when compared to bonding primer systems currently being used in industry. As well as the improved safety to employees this can also translate to financial savings through reduced hazardous chemical storage (depending on site, may reduce COMAH classification and expensive HSE visits) and through eliminating the requirement for safety controls used to monitor employee exposure.

New Chemistry - Reduced Health Hazards

Many bonding systems being used industrially have very poor shelf-lives due to their high reactivity. In order to account for this adhesives are often purchased as a number of components which are mixed on-site and used as required. Some industrial adhesive formulations can take hours or days to prepare and If they are not used-up the adhesive will fully cure and be wasted. The LoVOC® products differ in that use the cross-linking capacity of the elastomer to create strong covalent bonds. This means that products are supplied ready-to-use (simple dilution with water is sometimes necessary) and have a shelf-life in excess of 12 months when stored at room temperature.

Handling and Shelf-life

Many of the adhesives currently available will negatively alter the textiles properties, such as; staining your textile an undesirable colour or increasing the stiffness of your textile to give a cardboard-like feel. The LoVOC® technology can create exceptionally strong bonds whilst having a minimal effect on the inherent properties of the textiles.

Textile Properties

Using LoVOC® products instead of the current industry standard could lead to more than a 90% reduction in the dry coating weight applied to your textile. This reducing in coating weight can be utilised in three ways. Firstly, products can be made lightweight while still exceeding specifications. Secondly, the weight of the textile could be increased to create a stronger product with higher value while the overall weight of the product remains the same. Thirdly, a heavier rubber coating could be applied to increase the elastomeric properties of the product whilst maintaining the same overall weight.

Reduced Coating Weights

The standard LoVOC® products are cured thermally to meet the current demands of industry. However, the technology was originally developed using UV cure technology and has since been further diversified by the addition of microwave curing capabilities. Both of these radiation curing technologies reduce energy consumption, processing time and space requirements of the bonding process but often require capital investment as not many companies already have such equipment available.

Future Proof Technology - Radiation Cure

The LoVOC® product range has been designed to be used by customers without any capital investment requirements in a plug-and-play type scenario. The treatment process has been designed around the simplest and most common textile machinery in the market.

Zero Capital Investment